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these males

By Joan McNerney

starting with this uncle sam
creep who screws up all the time
creating all those freaking wars

not to mention tom turkey
sorry excuse for women breaking
into sweats while men laze around
the next day watching football
(who wouldn’t be thankful?)

then there’s that overgrown
kris kringle shoving stuff up
stockings full of whoknowswhat
never wanted or asked for

and don’t forget peter cottontail
filling baskets galore with chocolates
jelly beans marshmallow eggs
go ahead let’s eat his ears off
before we have no teeth!

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Dear Editor:

By Joan McNerney

Unfortunately I unable to

accept your rejection.

So many come in, it is

possible to accept only a few.

Due to staff limitations

no specific comment

can be made on yours.

Be assured it received

a careful reading.

I do hope you find a home

for this rejection.

Remember rejections are my

foundation and lifeblood.

Always feel free to send more.

Joan McNerny,

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I Want A Writer’s Block

By Joan McNerney

A real writer’s block. After I’m finished

writing, I could run and skip down streets

with all the other writers on the block.

Compare notes, exaggerate and have fun.

Another good one would be a crystal block

on which the great master works were contained.

Stick it in a pocket and read it with my

fingertips. Why strain my vision?

How about this? A big block of ice cream

oozing pass throat filled with inspiration.

Or a chocolate block made from creamy images.

I want a writer’s block. Any of the above.

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