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By J.S. MacLean

The recipe
never was secret,
even if one ingredient
was never listed.

40 pounds of gin,
all the tequila,
100 oz. of Tang,
with a splash of Grenadine,
all in a tub
with orange lemon lime slices
to suck on
when the liquid was gone.
It wasn’t a Sunrise and only the dregs
ever saw one.

It went well with blotter
bombers and babes,
college boy games
with tricky rules,
and the best pre-disco
cranked fucking loud.

What a rave before raves,
what a buzz! what a hoot!
craving cold beer
as morning came up.

There’s even New Tang now,
but hard to locate is that freedom
between the step from the nest
and the physics of flight.

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