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By Ricky Garni

An 101 episodic roux brought to you by The Honeymooners, Mr. Lucky,
Hazel, Meet Mr. McNutley, and skeins and skeins of others …


I cannot sleep without my special clock

it is a bunny

it wears a garish blouse, like the gift

I gave to my mother and it comes back to say

“Like a fortune cookie, I only make things come true

to the food critic who says, ‘Fortune Cookies are A-OK”


I need a set of wheels for my mini race car here among

mutated remnants of humanity living on a ruined Earth

exhausted by the salesmen who call night and day

the strippers walking to the morgue with their nurses

the scarecrows and magic that make racing on ruined Earth impossible


It’s just a dream

I tell my executioners

but they just guffaw

and its getting worse

that mosquito bite

turned me into a racehorse

Linda invited me to a party

and I was the only boy

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