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The Originator

By Timothy Bearly

If I were a superhero,
I would be called the originator.
I would defend the world against
pseudo-science and plagiarism.
I would attack the amorphous
platitudinous organism
which seeks to rid mankind
of all creativity.
I would originate!
While my nemesis
I would create
while my adversary
I would generate,
my arch-rival
would syphon.
I would have no sidekicks
because they would be scared away
by my esoteric postulations.
I would have to hide
in something like a bat cave
because they would most certainly
want to throw me in prison—
despite my services to the community
They would want me drawn and quartered,
and then with me gone
and no one to defend originality,
they would eventually come to regret their actions.
And centuries later
I would become
a superhero!

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