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By Tyrel Kessinger

Remember, just the other day
when we heard that song
the one with the Irish guys,
or whatever the hell they are,
and they proclaim: “I would
walk 500 miles” and then says
he’d walk 500 more just to
be the man who’d fall down
at some girl’s door? Horseshit
you said and we laughed so
hard we lost ourselves to tears.

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Life And Times

By Tyrel Kessinger

Mouths stuffed with biscuits
and gravy donut holes Yoo-Hoo
marbled cake double triple
cheeseburgers but not pork
can’t eat your own

Words filled with irony self-
doubt condescension shit
smart-lip twiddle-twaddle
envy but not dreams
please no
no talk of dreams

Hands grabbing onto curves of
breasts things that fall donut
holes craft beer AA batteries bulls
with horns but not the bible
its double entendres
so thin
I see skin on the
other side

Life (shortbreath) stabbed by
angles voltage loose precision
slave labor crash courses
one-eyed crows


moving data earthmoonstars
plangent sound hallucination
dinosaur bards double
triple cheeseburgers
but there’s the maudlin
though it is strong
let it go (feel free to)
kick it
when it is down

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