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By Deana Kubat

Green lollipop, yellow lollipop, red lolli stop! How many different colors can one lollipop be? Blue, purple, orange just to start you off. Root beer, butterscotch, cotton candy, mystery flavor. Who cares what they taste like or what color they are. They have one purpose and that’s to shut your mouth. Remove the wrapper, lick it if you must, stick it in your mouth and roll it around. Lollipops are saviors when you want someone to stop, the flapping of their tongue is better used for a lollipop. Despite the trick that they are a treat to make people silent, they still can take them out. How to solve this problem? Why dear friend, I shall let you know. Tape down their hands, glue them to their butt, do what you got to do, whatever is available will work. Worse comes to worse, you just give that lolli a final -POP-. Back into the throat, it should get stuck. You’ve finally won, the yammering has stopped. Now who’s the sucker and who’s got the lollipop.

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