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By Pauline Suwanban

We stand here! United in motion, moving
on impulse and take
breath as the dull heat allows us.

We are magnificent but waxen,
pouring cracked thoughts into
small creatures that scratch our hard hairs.

We are hideous because we want to be,
and proud,
because we are precious.

We bath in healthy filth,
flexing muscles for our shrimps ,
flicking reproachful blinks to passers
by with our slow bruising eyes.

We are the forgotten octopus of the earth and
stiff spiders that harvest our babies beneath
these desiccated flakes.

Helloo there! –guk
Come into my waters, bubalush, and
Spend some laps in my lovely tentacles.

We are here, do not ignore us,
Listen! To our bubbling language,
For you shall see dorappupp!
We are alive.

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