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Not Always a Happy Place

By Meg Tuite

It starts to grow round or long like a boat
or sometimes long like a snake
but it is not square or a triangle when it comes out
because it has to come out of a round place

a nice place only when it gets larger
and lets the round boats and snakes out
an evil place when it keeps itself closed

and you have to be near one of the white,
sometimes pink or yellow
but most times white, hard, oval objects
when the boat or snake are ready to depart
from the open place

so when you feel the boat or snake moving out
then lift the round white, pink or yellow cover
let your pants drop and sit on the white hard seat
let the nice place open
the boat or snake will sometimes just drop
into water

you will usually see a brown boat or snake floating
but sometimes they are pink, red or even green
then you know that these are not happy times

sometimes when you need one of those white hard oval objects
but you are in a car
or on the phone
or walking far from where the white objects live
then you may get scared
as the boat or snake are not going to stay inside

and if people are near
you can’t drop your pants there where you are
so you may have to run

you will not smile while you run
you may get more scared
as the boat or snake start to come out of the nice place
before you get to any cool white oval seat

and the thing about the boat or snake?
they don’t care
they will drop into your pants as you run
with a scared look on your face
and you will feel the boat or snake running with you

they also have a smell that other people know
but don’t like
and you have to stop running
because the boat or snake can fall
sometimes out of your pants
and not in a good place

so you may want to cry
but if you cry then people will come near you
they will smell the smell they don’t like
then they won’t like you

it would be best
if you waited to cry
until you got to a place without people

and maybe if you spy one of those white, yellow or pink oval objects
after the boat or snake is sitting in your pants
you may want to kick it.

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