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Cold Planet

By Jami Kali

95 lbs is
three raccoons in winter
one/sixth a large adult male black bear or
seventy-six thousand feathers.

It’s one-fifth a bale of cotton,
close to three and a half gold reserve bars
(independent from political interference) and

the average carrying weight
of an infantryman stationed in Afghanistan
give or take some.

95 lbs is
all of Gandhi during fast
but less than half Michelle Obama
(during her nutrition programs for childhood obesity).

It’s just a number
equal to the number
of weight watchers points
in two quarter pounders with cheese, three big macs,
a nine-piece chicken nugget, super sized fry,
and a chocolate shake.
(Warning: Your daily allowance should fall
between nineteen and twenty-five).

95 lbs
big and small
is the sum
of me
on a cold planet
on a bitter day
in January.

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