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Barbie Survived

By A.J. Huffman

the apocalypse, along with the Twinkies and
cockroaches. A little worse for wear, her clothes
hang ragged, her skin is melted in patches
and she has this bizarre urge to brunch
on brains. The remnants of last week’s paper
exclaims that zombies are suddenly in fashion, and she
always was good at savaging malls . . .


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I Slept In Your Inbox

By A.J. Huffman


I slept in your inbox.

That’s hysterical.

I slept. In your inbox

you will find this silly
little poem because apparently
my brain did not wake up.

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Like A Geisha

By A.J. Huffman

the most exclusive
the most luxurious
inextricably hooked
and trapped in heated mirrors

but money for nothing is the most visionary line
so come as often as needed

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