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By Gary Beck

Boy, dey yanked me outa the warmtha
me mudders body.
Wow, did dey beat me when I played
wit myself.
Dey made me go to school and
listen to all da crap.
My old man kicked my ass
when I played hookey.
I went to high school and joined a gang.
I got caught stealin.
The cops beat me up.
I quit school, knocked up a broad
and her old man made me marry her.
We got two fuggin kids
who never stop screamin.
The fuggin house is fallin ta pieces.
The fuggin union wants more dues.
The snotty bastard at the bowling alley
always makes these wise cracks.
The fuggin phone company
is shuttin off the phone.
The old lady is a fuggin slob.
After a hard day’s work
I can’t even sit down and enjoy a fuggin can of beer.
I hope they use their fuggin rockets.

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