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By Chris Crittenden

the brain a rollercoaster
with trouble for cars.
a thought gets in, and zoom!
defies itself, becomes a rebel, a cad,
steals its own gold and
ends up behind prison bars,
which waffle and eat their own tails.

it’s how everything gets done.
gravity was discovered on LSD.
lizards have sex this way and feel it just so.
when you swat a fly, you birth a nova.
we’re all that big. the universe
bent a lot of time and we don’t understand,
but life happened: little galaxies
in bugs and skulls that act out hidden tantrums.

you’re a mobile center of cosmic roots.
the Big Banyan feeds into you.
you’re the dorsal plectrum of a shark
strumming the ocean of the real.
the jaws of an ant,
the nostrils of an aardvark,
the vertigo of a finch-
we’re all taking each other’s trip,
heads born full of psychedelics,
and no one drug tells it all
except Illusion.

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