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smacks of effort

By Ben Godoshian

an F for effort

gays, into my eyes
or some auspicious transvestitic wedding guest-
same diff
in India, they tolerate even the
vas deferens (that is, the vast difference)
or the automatically deferred student loan repayment


some Vishno-Shaivite River Ganges source code
or poly-phallic helix maypole

i’ll punch you in the face if you get that thing near me

or at least, please,
I prefer the yoni; worship the vulva
(or worse, hip!)
but how flattering
don’t worry, you’ll be a cowgirl in the next life;
we’ll blow you up like hall-of-fame!

I’m in default, Obama help us!

I swear there’s gotta be somebody who thinks
the greatest country should have the greatest artists
and how it’s not to be ashamed of;
not being a lawyer or some doctor emmer effer
-just give me the synthetic

synth theses on modular waveform filtering and manipulation
sans digital arpeggiation
since these is tense and part
(and parcel)
a bit more funkier
so crack me
a beers
but don’t (you think it don’t) smack
is wack
or was it plumb crazy?
to clean the pipes purple
when 200 C.E. gave whey to
lingham cults

the secret meters
non-vedic multi-meaning encodeds
now with respect to poor-knee co-eds
and let’s do away with bashfulness
but usher in etiquette and respectful ardor
into that tape deck or codec

but there I go,
losing your interest

go to see live jazz

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