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By Jarod Kintz

If loving someone is putting
them in a strait jacket
and kicking them down a flight
of stairs, then yes,
I have loved a few people.

You can’t put a price tag
on love. But if you could, I’d wait
for it to go on sale.

Love is what you make
it. Unfortunately,
I can’t make it today,
as I have a doctor’s appointment.

I can tell if two people
are in love by how they hold
each other’s hands,
and how thick
their sanitation gloves are.

When I saw you, I saw
love. When I saw you naked,
I saw lust. When I saw you
with my clone in a dream,
I saw the future.

I believe the love shared
between two people
shouldn’t be secretly
shared with a third. Not even
if I am vacationing on the moon,
and that third person is my clone.

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