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By Ivan Peledov

she came out of the room with a crumpled check
and saw all the newlywed thoroughly shaved
amenoud they chanted amenoud where is your fucking harappa
you left babylon and haven’t arrived in zion
enslaved in athens raped in sparta crucified in rome
you fled to the source of the nile only to discover
your own void you roamed bubastis
full of feline crap you killed the buddha before his first sermon
at the benares stadium and the crowds of hungry ghosts
plants brahmins and animals on choppers roared in agreement
amenoud they chanted amenoud
where are all your children with deformed skulls singing aum
singing shit about pentagon savants and shamans
for centuries mangling molecules of water and distant constellations
all the infants born between a gas station and safeway
with rattlesnake tongues and cadaverous limbs
your bridegrooms your knaves your knights
amenoud they chanted amenoud
where is your tainted melange of clubs and coins
your saber-toothed caterpillars and pony-eating cunts
the smell of suburbia penetrates your aliterate head
just wait till you see a crater in this place
full of waste sludge and stalls selling junk food

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