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Strike That

By Paul Handley

Strike that, she ordered,
and quickly interjected after her comment
and before anyone else’s,
including her own on another subject.

Sorry, if the sin from the past was compounded,
and if that isn’t enough,
I goofed.

I’ve been slightly off-kilter
for the past five minutes.
I think it behooves us all to get beyond this.
Let’s get back to the nub.

We seem to keep circling the pond looking for water.
My bad.

No, I did not provide the best example for my peers.
Sorry, I’m not saying we are not all of equal status here.
Let’s get back to the nub,

and that this is not some egalitarian commune.
Strictly speaking no one here is my peer.

Not that I’m elevated above everyone else here.
It’s a simple bureaucratic formula
that creates a hierarchy in terms of position,
without any reflection of intrinsic value.

I goofed by not giving fair warning
and not giving you and I mean the royal you,
the chance to overlook
what has already been committed.

Yes, maybe a blanket apology is useless and I would appreciate it
if each and everyone of you would meet with me
in my dressing room later so I can apologize.

Don’t be offended if I’m talking through an armhole
or balancing on one leg as I get my pants on,
one leg at a time as you will notice.

Perhaps we will talk about the entire issue
instead of in dribs and drabs.
I seem to be apologizing everyday at seemingly random intervals.

She scans the room with an effort at caginess,
looking for a conspiracy tell.

She starts; we seem to be circling back on ourselves
with doors closing as we approach, but
my dressing room will be open. Not closed.

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By Paul Handley

Are you adopted?
Who’s your doctor?
What happened to your face?
Where did you get that?

How tall are you?
Why can’t I reply,
How big are your tits?
Your elbow appears to have two
Ball joints.

I admit I stole the tits
From Paul Newman for
A gloss of seemly
Over my crassness, who wanted to say
Can I see your tits when
Women asked to see his blue eyes.

Tits is less nice than breasts, but not
As open as with many African natives,
Though apparently acceptable when
Asking for chintzy beads. Blue eyes
Are better than beads, height better than
Beads is debatable.

Blue eyes> chintzy beads
Height dimensions > = or or = breasts
= valid retort.

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Everyday Time

By Paul Handley

Everyday I spend time,
maybe not much, considering how I would

spend my time if a bag of money tied
in a Simply Vera Wang bed sheet

was dropped up incline of me,
rolling into my legs
so that I cover it with my chest and arms after I topple.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, wishing people welcomed me
for whom I am and the opposite.

Every day I spend time
maybe not much, considering the
value of my experiences.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, thinking

how glad I am science had such a
head start on my birth.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, thinking
about the frailty of science.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, thinking about

what kind of person has happened to me,
to wish that upon a person and can I back track?

Hands clasped me from behind and
piggy backed, stepping into the back of my
knees and sinking in.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, as if I
deposited a quarter in a meter and I’m
parked for twenty minutes.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much,
at a meter, hoping I won’t get caught for
using a slug.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much,
despising those that might detect my slug use
and their unfulfilling use of time

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, dismissing
how much money I could get out of a meter

if I smashed it on the
head with a cement block,
but realizing that would serve as recompense
for the anxious times I have spent there.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much,
wondering how much writing I could complete in prison

and avoid sexual degradation or
joining the Aryan nation of tattoos.

Everyday I spend time
maybe not much, wondering who would meet me when I left prison

and find a job that would keep a criminal record in perspective.
This is a person I could trust.

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