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By Bob Phillips

cutout Cheney crashes on point
mouth mouth of industmili TAR tarry
like a yellow discarded filter butt
leaching in the gutter

cuz the main brain doesn’t like to be seen
seen talking, herd talking sheeple

gutter boarding surfs up
slime sly whispers on the beach
of talking waves, assert and deny
trashline of con deposits

truth a manatee cut by props
awash in the Rushes

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By Bob Phillips

at the edge where the dogs hold
leashed against the bars, strain
by the membrane of sleeplessness
practice calesthentic curl-ups, void at last
shit first warm, then clammy
then cold as concrete floors

in my place the laughing devil
feints my privates, so called, I curl,
hold up a name of God, ward warden

led on a leash of lampcord, I testify
through the wires on my fingers
perform for master, tiny camera

my guide a burning bush, wick
of the righteous, stammers and stumbles
visited upon the depraved, plausible, denial

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toilet ocean

By Bob Phillips

loose turd of plastic
the size of Texas
spins at Vortex
of Toilet Ocean

unknown ‘cuz you can’t say Turd
in polite company
or even on rude conspiracy cable news
it’s the Turd of America, spinning, Turd
of Japan and China, Viet Nam.
all the coastal cities
and the cities on rivers
flush to Toilet Ocean
and tangle at Turd Vortex

Tornadoes of plastic Turd
shrouding whales and dolphins
choking birds with six pack garrots
filling the dead zones of fertilizer overburn
plastic Turdy Tombstones on lifeless bottom

winding up at night while you dream
of consume, winding like Hurricane
Turd, Category 5, maybe 9 on the consumer scale
fed by warm currents of consume
little spiral arms of plastic Turd
break onto beaches with the viral tide
astroturf astrosurf

echoing Mr. Robinson’s line –
the future’s in Plastic
future, futurd… future, futurd
the future’s in Plastic

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