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The Earth is a Booger

By JD Nelson

Indigo, Montana.

“Wow – that’s some astro,” I blinked.

Handy Wendy of the Bible pressed a green button on the control panel.

“I’ve been grafting sausage onto my old body,” I said.

“Untruth,” said the machine.

“I knew you’d know,” I said.

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David Bowie’s Coffee

By JD Nelson

It’s a Normal morning in Illinois. Robots rusting. I’m building a ship. I’m slipping away tonight. Pyramid of worms. The call! Tin foil pants. Aspirin hands. The whole egg barber has hi-fi bacon. I know the Earth, OK? Is that the old spider? Space gets out, but we have another word. I saw a flying octopus this morning. I’ve seen the underground clouds. Slithering orange. Suction cup puzzle. Lost in the Fingerhut catalog. There’s a pile of commas in the corner of my writing room. I am the future of worms. Red LED pupils. I’m in the kitchen with Christ.

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Oh, Yer Air or Old Smarts

By JD Nelson

California Zephyr. Morning.

Granby more. One sun. That’s as good as laughing. In reverse pretend order, the random stars:

“I was smaller than a brain when I was small.”

Taking the train with bullet of one nickel.

“I became the smiling moon.”

How and hoo say the jam? The rest of us know the answer with clouds and the wrong pajamas.

“I care for a panda with the smarter air.”

One bun already. French noodle.

“I know of stars.”

Doctor the area rug with muffler sparks. Ringo, the Shrimp Kid.

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By JD Nelson

The spider of large Atari, the invisible name. Who made it the Ringo Starr of yellow?

Dark matter Motrin, a calendar of eyes. Yes, the iron pipe and Monday is the half.

A pile of fingers with striped yes. The yogurt shoe with pie and spiders.

A castle of the future prosaic.

“I didn’t order any poison,” I said, and the floating head with the beaker in its teeth flew back to its nest.

And now, a little hole where my period should be.

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By JD Nelson

Nothing makes sense on a Wednesday like the holes in the sweater she’s been knitting since the lens cracked.

This data has been piped in using psychotronic dada plume.

I can’t make you wish you never were a Merlin!

See yourself sleeping, dreaming of sugary soda that’s too sweet for choosy mothers.

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By JD Nelson

Utah. Mirror Lung, suggesting the half-boiled Mars. After Earth was already done, done for centuries. Earth has a new lightning. Desert instead of island. Instead of ink the laser salad. The piper took a lamb to holiday. The unspoken lamb. The artful noise, one bargain alone with the frontier yarn. The smooth ranch of dollar rakes. The moon is a picture of knowing. I was following the egg with a moon of ice in the liver of life. The life of the blue of area.

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By JD Nelson

If you are the dug duck in the black one, please go back to the hidden wall. Encircling duck of three stars in the black one. With to strike it the hands and face.

Freckles attach without placement frown.

Serrate, old heart, if blue. Stop the lip with words at dawn. Opossum, hero, bite unclearly.

Beginner radio is insulted. Wet socks, eleven jays. Sidewinder ice cream cups.

New facts, Greece archive. Veranda tomorrow.

Load brain S-credit. The woolen triglyceride. Arroyo ESPRIT the napkin.

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