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By Larry Blumen

I never knew my father. Apparently my mother never knew him either. First he died in Vietnam. Then he disappeared in San Francisco. Then he killed a man in Tennessee and got the chair. He had different names at different times, none of them mine. These are the stories my mother told me before I was old enough to think. When I was old enough, I went looking for my father. I got a DNA test, thinking it would show his whereabouts. It didn’t. Then I searched the Wall in Washington for all his names. They weren’t there. Then, in Tennessee, I met a girl—she had her way with me. Before I went to sleep, she told me stories of her life. When I woke up, she was gone.

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By S.J. Christmass

a soft drink @ 7am
a pizza slice, the breaking of bread
someone somewhere scooping up spare change
gobbling sauerkraut and mayonnaise
as a side dish to a pepper bun
our narrator standing in front of the ATM
our narrator trying to remember PIN
card goes in slowly, keypads in PIN
ATM states PIN is incorrect, please try again
our narrator tries again, PIN is accepted, options galore
our narrator is suspicious, selects withdrawal of coin
insufficient funds, selects balance enquiry
balance displayed on the screen
wages haven’t cleared yet
press cancel to receive card back
stub cigarette ash on the keypad
notice business card for a psychic stuck inside the casing of
the fluorescent light
remove the evil eye
life advice

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