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Bad Attitude

By Michael Estabrook

In the Boardroom,
with all the other Middle Managers,
a kick-off meeting of the Core Launch Team
for the new line of 740D cassettes
and capsules targeted
for use in the influenza vaccine market.

These exemplary products, an exciting extension
of our bioprocess product platform,
a full-range of standard 60-cm path length devices,
offer superior separation performance profiles
and efficient packing densities, potentially
higher membrane selectivity
minimizing cross-contamination,
enabling cost-effective flow capacity coupled
with preliminary purification for our customers, and –

Frankly, to be honest, (just between you and me)
I don’t give a damn. Bad attitude, terrible attitude
I know but I can’t help it.
All I can think about is getting out of work early today,
so I can get outside into
the fresh air and sunshine.

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