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A Tenuous Hold

By Sy Roth

Saucily independent petals purple the dawn.
Hazy visions encircle it in a verdant field.
It whispers its song written on foolscap,
existence unmarred momentarily by their skulking encroachment.
It scents the air with floral-flatulent hauteur.

A dog sniffs it.
Content that it intends no harm, he passes it by.
Languidly proud,
it encourages the wind’s light caress,
and answers in a princessly twist of her hand.
An unctuous slug is permitted to leave a vitreous trail
as it glides the green mile of its hirsute underbelly.

Boisterous picnickers arrive
and they smell nothing
but charcoal briquets and lighter fluid
that will sear their hamburgers and frankfurters.
They march lockstep,
a column of ants, blind to it and
its tenuous tethering to the earth,
spread a red-checkered blanket over it,
smother it in a sunless canopy,
pound its leaves into the ground,
weigh it down under a picnic-basket ingot,
smash it with their undulating buttocks,
extinguish its scent,
and erase its existence.

Weeds trek in when the light returns–
in batches of squalor to absorb it.
They saturate the air with chlorophyll breath
and anchor themselves to the soil.

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