Archive for December 30th, 2012

By Luis Cuauthemoc Berriozabal

The roof was eating
itself. Suddenly
there was nothing
to stop the rain
from coming down
inside the home.
From the street
you could see
the water rising
inside the house
until it overflowed.
The roof belched
and the chimney
crashed down on
the wet carpet.
The next day workers
on ladders and
building materials
put up a new roof.
The rain was gone
and the sun was
shining. The new
roof was hungry.
But the owner made
the roof promise
it would not eat
itself, just the birds
and cats who would
find themselves on
the roof. It ate
Frisbees, baseballs,
and soccer balls.
Sometimes it would
lick the tiles, but it
kept its promise
not to eat itself.

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