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Schrödinger’s Room

By Larry Blumen

The room is dark. The only light is coming from the screen of a computer on a desk in the corner diagonally opposite the door. It’s 3 AM. You don’t know yet whether the room is somebody’s bedroom or an office in a tall building. I haven’t told you. And I haven’t told you if there is anybody in the room right now, or nobody. If there’s nobody there, I’m sure you would agree it’s not much of a story. So I’ll tell you—there’s someone in the room. But you don’t know if that person is alive or dead. If the person is alive, there may not be a story here at all—just somebody working late, or an insomniac in his bedroom making contact with other bedrooms in the the night. I guess it might make a difference if the person is a woman rather than a man—either way, it could be boring or wildly exciting. Of course, if the person is dead, it could still be a boring, routine death. A lot might depend on where the room is. And whether or not there is anyone else in the room with the person. There are so many things I haven’t told you.

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