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By Nick Hranilovich

Scene: A strapping young lad and his busty damewell companionado are resting against a cabin made of palm trunks. The sounds of celebration blast from the background, and they are apparently stepping away from a large festivity.
Lad: So do you think things will ever be the same?
Damewell: God, I hope not. People will never be able to change the way they live, and I’m glad. *Laughs* I’m fucking glad. It’s so beautiful.
*Guy Enters*
Guy: Hey, guys, the waterfall is exploding! Come on!
Lad: In a minute.
*Exeunt guy*
Lad: You know, now that everything is out there, there’s only one thing we don’t all know. Well, I know it. I… I love you.
Damewell (Crying): You sure could have said it sooner. God, I love you too.
-Camera pans up, and over them, as they start to stand up. It goes in a crane motion over to the waterfall, which bursts without flame, and sends bits of ROY G BIV light into the air. Pieces of it land on the excited spectators, who then hold hands in a massive energy transference that heals the fissure in the Hearth Valley (the portion of the Earth’s magic cortex that allows complete flow of mage). Pan down to Professor Limon.
Limon: It’s a beautiful day. Forever.
-Fade out (Street Spirit)

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