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Gimp Porn

By Cerebella

one man explodes forest fires. another dies licking
a piggy bank worth a
paranoid housewife. strawberry lips

giggling dust bunnies to the clouds-

he’s got forty dollars in his pocket
worth time with southern gentlemen.
ouzo. self-help books, too.

spread and whisper to themselves.

we’re on a
road to a dead end, to the

wildflower mating fields
making out with

question marks
so i sometimes worry
i’m going to smell like insects to

my sex life
a ship. a rooster? a furbee!
presents my reflection

to the sky as a sun-dial,
a tense game of transference-chairs
with ego, taking shit seriously,
around the patio


i want to rest in the 1800s
with fairy godmothers
as a crescendo of

leftover karma(
wooden cradle
stained neon-hot-glow-in-the-lambs-blood,

creak like
nail-salon, tacky like
congregated people stained sheep-herding.

and a
butterknife stained
equals dysfunctional family all together.

)exlovers, exfriends, exfamily, magnetize yourselves

around a greeting card.
draw a flower, say you will.
ram into my bumper car with
negative energy weather.

throw leeches at my dumb ass.

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