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Family Attraction

By Halifax


JFK postures on the corner gurney
his temple is laid open like a jelly doughnut
the pudgy coroner said he had died
at least, I think it was the coroner that said so

I have this mental image of JFK
it stays in my mind with his voice
so a moving picture mired in synapse
riding my brain everywhere I go
I can’t get him out
but he seems to enjoy the ride
he’s always smiling
always talking excitedly
except that one time he isn’t
then I wonder who was riding him
hard enough to escape through that hole

Then I wonder how hard he’ll ride my brain
before he can break free and get out
and what the coroner will say about me
once he licks his fingers clean

It’s not that I want to go out all scatterbrained
like Kurt Cobain when his barn burst open
but rather for fear that my brain is a docile pony
broken in by helpful children at the petting zoo
put down one day as mercy from embarrassment

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