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Bon Voyage

By Jay Passer

puppet heads, cellular phones, bathtub legs, serenades
who ran with the last of the money and who got shot
you can punch in the numbers like a chemist
or pilot a thousand Enola Gays
gain light speed till the body ejects the brain
you’ll never know for certain
amidst a torturous galaxy of diamond-eyed beings
the pecking order of the stars is at stake
in green rimming neon light captured along the meridian
tree-lined streets, aerated with shopping-clouds
to host a rent in earth catastrophic, cinema noir’s
most victorious hour
elegance bruised with strychnine heat, the way wings inside the body
lend voice to the hidden symbols of dreams
you can punch the living daylights out of the heavyweight champ
but dare risk telepathy with dragonflies


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