Archive for August 24th, 2011


By Mark James Andrews

laptop writing & sending my shit
out in the wifi environment
on the 2nd floor of the little library
in the Thumb of the Michigan Mitten
then reading my email
an invitation from the Detroit Institute of Art
to attend a fundraising soiree
hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 PM
to restore the outdoor sculpture GRACEHOPER
& tranced back in time
to when I was jamming with a trio of maniacs
typing up our chap punkpomespleeze
at a kiosk of coin operated typewriters
(feeding quarters for 20 timed minutes tick, tick)
at the Detroit Main Library
then got fucked up at the campus bars
then heading back to our car parked on John R
stopping to see GRACEHOPER
big as life planted on the Woodward Ave front lawn
& pissed on it in unison
actually piss painting territorial abstract
a twisted riff on Jackson Pollock
beer urine on welded steel & black paint
a transformation in a new medium & message
chanting Fuck James Joyce
as the art piece was named after some crap
play-on-words insect jigging ajog
from Finnegan’ s Wake.

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