Archive for August 13th, 2011

By Tyson Bley

If anything, the wrestling costume was made for crying a little.
Cheese – my trainer told me – is not the worst monstrosity,
even with the lolling skull. Sitting there in a huddle, I was
infinitely consoled. It’s the drag marks that expose
our location. I knew that with the receptors in my molars,
I could be remote-controlled by any religion.

But I got my cancer from wearing Nikes,
picked up all my Parkour tips from watching Sesame Street,
and cracked the secret of time travel with the right
arrangement of PVC pipes.

The asteroid is still under construction –
tampon wind chimes
out front on the patio.
And while all else is still unknown to me,
Moses is loving his chimpanzee transplant.

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