Archive for August 1st, 2011

By Steven Gulvezan

Picture me curled upon my couch
Dreaming a tranquil evening
With the golden Buddha
Spinning endless tales
At peace with the world
Drowsily nodding
And I don’t even need a shot in my tea
You idiots who squander
Your lives on this damned world
You don’t need it
Get yourself a comfortable
With a big round cushion
And preferably a wife who works
And provides for you
And relax
Don’t strain your brain
With schedules and time and
God forbid
The stinking dollar bill
Nobody cares about your strife
Loves and losses
Problems and poses
Why strain yourself
Trying to be someone who matters
Or even cares
About anything at all
Breathe deeply seven times
Hold it in as long as you can
And then exhale
That’s right
Doesn’t that feel good?
Take a sip of your Darjeeling
And dream a beautiful picture
Of a garden
Vines and trees and flowers
Twisted in glorious profusion
Around your brain
And what remains
Of your soul

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