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Life And Times

By Tyrel Kessinger

Mouths stuffed with biscuits
and gravy donut holes Yoo-Hoo
marbled cake double triple
cheeseburgers but not pork
can’t eat your own

Words filled with irony self-
doubt condescension shit
smart-lip twiddle-twaddle
envy but not dreams
please no
no talk of dreams

Hands grabbing onto curves of
breasts things that fall donut
holes craft beer AA batteries bulls
with horns but not the bible
its double entendres
so thin
I see skin on the
other side

Life (shortbreath) stabbed by
angles voltage loose precision
slave labor crash courses
one-eyed crows


moving data earthmoonstars
plangent sound hallucination
dinosaur bards double
triple cheeseburgers
but there’s the maudlin
though it is strong
let it go (feel free to)
kick it
when it is down

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Can’t Drive a Cab

By John Tustin

Can’t drive a cab – No sense of direction.
Can’t invent – No ideas.
Sales are a bad idea – No people skills (I am skilled at avoiding them, though.)
Can’t sing – No voice.

Can’t dig ditches – I’m weak as a kitten.
Can’t speak in public – I stutter.
Can’t go into public service- No work ethic.
Can’t write a novel – No attention span.

So here’s a poem.

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Fake Index

By Rita Stein

The first time I saw a fake index
was the last time I saw a fake index
it was very clever and full of
alphabetized indentations that
had no references anywhere
it was beautiful

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By Pete Simonelli

“It fairly booms down on us tonight
with the sky so clear,
and through us

as if we were ruins, as if we were ghosts.”

–August Kleinzahler

But it wasn’t, on a mid-winter evening, rising
as we made our way in on over the bridge.

Not the moon, no, but a building’s peak light
appearing at a glance out the window
just north of the RFK Bridge,
nearly as round and propped in that too-
fantastical way, low in the sky.

The surprise alone enough
to jot down in a matchbook
even while peering out, or trying
to peer out, from within a new clarity
until you say, “like that,” pointing behind us, “over there?”

Climbing up the backs of skyscrapers,
so yellow, not yet rinsed,
just as the west is melting behind Jersey.


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By Larry Jones

nice day
for a solo skydive
as i exit the plane.

free falling
no fear
if the main doesn’t open
the reserve will.







check the altimeter
time to open, WAIT
what the ???????

someone is directly
below me in free fall.

where in the hell did he come from?

gotta move fast
track right
he tracks right.

track left
the SOB tracks left too.

a voice in my head
it’s you, it’s your reflection.

i open my parachute.

what a wussy
afraid of my own shadow.

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Shave the Whales

By Danger_Slater

O, bearded cetacean beneath
this sea of pubes, when I
hear you sing, like the buzz of an
electric razor, the entire ocean
stands on end.

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Death A Bear

By Donal Mahoney

Odd the way the very old
pick a winter day to fall,
break a minor bone,
be assigned to bed
and death a bear
napping out the winter
rises in his lair,
instantly aware
here is Spring
and ultimately honey.

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I Don’t Get It

By Meg Johnson

I have so many questions about the world.
Why do I only see ugly people reading
The New Yorker? Did Jesus really happen?
Has there ever been a book called Showering
with Jesus
? Someone look that up for me.
I’m too tired from being stalked by lesbian
bartenders. Sometimes lesbian bartenders
look at me with hungry eyes. Do they think I
taste like a potato chip? Lots of people have
PhDs, but none of them can tell me what
Shakespeare’s writing process was like. Screw
higher education. I’m gonna have a séance.

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By Melanie Browne

I walk with the Merman,
we sit together as the tide rolls in

Lenin’s death was staged, he tells me
while stroking his long white beard,

The decaying parrot that sits on my shoulder
only speaks in mantras

I give a hard push
and the merman falls back into the sea,

He struggles with sea serpents,
but I stare ahead stoically

A cool blue haze obscures my view,
I pick at seaweed twisted around my ears

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