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By Nick Hranilovich

I will fight until something perishes at tectonic skull cracks
grey sanguine seeps out, mispronounces the true names
opens up the temples of the grim beams
shooting up antithetical spotlights
boring black holes up sunny skies, keep views forward
unless you are the local man of strength
you’ll pour your life up a town’s strand
a fierce blue pillar of souls into the goblet of distraction
shattered bullet-hole-atmosphere
arks and arks slipping in setting up mountain axiom
after the first slip of the tongue telling the locals
the peak-valley horizon is the jagged spine
of one buried Mother Earth bygone era’s land lady
soot rollers on walls across tracts from boundary to border to edge
years of mourning massacre after eyes brighten
smokestacks after skies whiten
eating poisoned apples coursing the veins
like nature is a 13 billion year old smoker, rivers gone blood
open scrolls and soapbox shout at dead man’s first processions
up both ways of the Nile Delta sucking blue light to empty the horizon
to influx the coming spectrum ask not who delivers unconscious message
allow heart’s guidance to properly cast out and listen
not before I am known
pray not until I claim not as I but true He
has danced up the obsolete staircase stockpiled deities when the
millennium wrought no havoc though that was the end time of the week
with no meditative seal of quantum approval with equations in actuality
never expounded nailing a coffin under the 500-foot-tall
tombstone “oops, jumped the gun”
tell the New Age it’ll kill us all
unless it stops calling love a solution
and starts loving.

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