Archive for May 26th, 2011

By Shawn Misener

words are doing a flip

we used to write
for ourselves
in our notebooks

then on our typewriters
until those typewriters
morphed into bulky gray things
with one font and one color

neon green

bulky gray to
bulky black to
bulky rainbow
skinnier and prettier

the arc of the model

we wrote for ourselves
we wrote for you
and it took time to get our words
to you

the words squeezed through
amazing monolithic machines

the words were ponied
railed and wired
to your coffee table

we had to wait for our words
and when we got our hands on them
we almost jumped through the roof

we read our own words on the shitter

but now as soon as we write them
they stare back at us
waiting, impatient
holding switchblades to our necks

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