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One Night Out

By Robert Vaughan

Tonight I will go out.   Stand in a corner.   Couples will look.   Everyone once in a while someone will be standing close.   Mitch.   Or that actor Jack.   They may say howsitgoin or whassup or happnin.   Or just stare.   I could dance if I wear the proper pants.   I may get shitfaced and breakdown my barriers.   I would laugh where I’m not allowed.   Giggle then get real solemn.   Bold.

Maybe if somebody looks long enough I might walk over there.  But I highly doubt it.

I’m ready to be up all night.   Guys and girls might come over.   Watch T.V. or sleep.  Talk.   Then I’ll slip out.   Leave them right there in my own place.   Call the cops and have them arrested.   I’ll split for Vegas, spend all their dough.  They won’t care.

They just go out again.   Cycle.   Rinse.   Repeat.

I’m the one who grows.   And I win every time.

So what.   So you left.   I’m glad you did.   Look at the fun I’m having.   You had just better hope I never run into you.   It’ll be worse than the last time.  You wait and see.   I carry a chainsaw in the trunk of my car.   Just in case.

Won’t be long now.  I’m thinking all this while I get ready.

Tonight.  The first night in a long time.

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