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Entomology School

By Peter Marra

torments always.

i hid and didn’t want to talk to anyone.

A long bus ride to and from.

Shaky shaky in the shadows
Sneaking home with porno mags
And hiding them in the attic

True friends and lovers.

The insects came for me and
the spiders carried me home to take care of me.

evil people.
can’t make sense of it

faces come after me and tell me what i did wrong,

religious pictures and
hercules movies (with women whipped)

and television screens
black and white

cracked and halted and dead

tight things rising up.

And in my reclusion my comfort was strangled.

and i hid it
from mom and dad

mantises in lace
chasing quiet monarchs

they knew and
they hated me for it
and i ran away

time for the bomb

left me naked to fend for myself


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