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By Nick Hranilovich

I didn’t ask for this democracy I didn’t ask for these systems of election I don’t believe that the majority of these issues are within the scope of most of the public to determine I don’t believe in legalizing it I don’t believe in illegal…izing it I don’t believe in birthing it or aborting it I don’t believe in bombing it or putting embargoes on it or defying or supporting the UN about it or in developing new systems or in funding up-and-coming scientific endeavors or in destroying or saving the environment or in promoting nutrition while supporting business or in giving tax breaks or in decreasing taxes or increasing them or taxes at all or in allowing guns to exist or in banning guns or in increasing the power of the educational system or in allowing it to flounder and Democrats have no brain and Republicans have no heart and the Green Party has no clue and the Libertarians are walking contradictions and the Nazi Party would kick me out for not being pure and it’s foolish to support the arts but nobody had better restrict ’em and drugs are bad but we’ll damned well use ’em no matter what you say so relax and freedom of religion is fine but I want my church and state THOROUGHLY mixed but it has to be a worship of undiluted science (not historically supported, publicly preferred Earth science) that shoves itself in the faces of the whole public until they understand the crux of the issue but I don’t want myself or anyone to be told what to think ’cause I don’t want to live in a house unless I damned well feel like it and jobs are for people who can’t farm and farming’s for people who don’t have skills they can barter to farmers and bartering’s for people who don’t trade freely out of love and love’s for people who aren’t doing it to clear their guilt and the world’s to ensure an equal future and an equal future isn’t on the fucking ballot this year. I like trees.

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