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Lego Universe

By Tyson Bley

junip’s earthquake languished on the drool lattice
calorie vibes come together are a nut for flies
she was the light phase fluffing
the afternoon’s free thor display

we were all excited, like big mouths
for nipples, the bell’s peanut shell
cracking all around us,
tortured like whooping subway bacteria
under our feet,

and there was this strange sexiness
primping us like tampon dolls
and happiness’s assault disorder
reigned briefly, everything briefly
was quite alright

underground it buzzed chattering
junip’s scoops, hard riot debate
religious ideals turned into
light knitted headmounted muslim
the mood straining hard
instead to get laser-eyed nick cave
and other free stuff in it

freedom a muhammad ali cough
expectoration flying through the sky
light phase indeed, acquitted raccoon
yowling, no disorder’s zipcar spark’s
large devil proton in lego quadrants
or on the braille visor

of a monochrome hippie

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