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Yak Mallah

By James Valvis

I watched a kung fu film
that stunk
but in this film
was a country
where the people
all said, yak mallah!
The people had no teeth
and they were stupid
but when their king
said, yak mallah!,
they replied, yak mallah!
I liked them
and I like yak mallah.
I’ve tried saying it
to my friends
and they just look at me
But I like it even though
I don’t know
what yak mallah means
in the movie
or otherwise.
I think it was something
the director threw
into the movie.
Nor do I know
why I’m telling you this.
Maybe I’m just
throwing this in
like the director
threw in yak mallah.
Why not?
With all the people
in the world
somebody’s bound
to like it
and think I’m a genius

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