Archive for October 10th, 2010

By Tyson Bley

and it was good
it’s on vimeo
mitt romney starring
as a character in
my little pony
what to do if
so recently weaned

and it was good
it’s on a view-master
katy perry starring
as a tapeworm
in stan marsh’s
tubby fingers
unpaid wriggling cancellation
doesn’t help prevent
postal delivery of
baby migrant
holding a bike store
hostage with a bottle
of tabasco in
fedora a different sort
of ambience than seen
in my head

and it was good
why we’re friends
instead of dislocated
the thin green trail
mossy t1000 fingernail
stretching in exit’s wake
pierced three spokes
turning instead
of a green ninja
mullet in ninja electricity
hiroshima has thrown out
verbose fiesta, those languishing
brightly loud pregnant implicities
shadows puked out of
polyurethane gobbets
the culture blast
watergate scandal’s transformative
money; the dukes of hazzard’s
bicentennial possum

and it was good
phonebook evolver
it’s in a mom joke
your mom’s escort
newspaper hat zero for
when you want a mom:
consult the phonebook, she’s
right there talking to herself
supporting a reversion
to realize her listing
doing things that
isn’t salad
in a wooly crouch
mom’s fit and whoop
and tears at every lan
party g.i. joe attended
the embarrassment of
michael bay’s car’s
toilet cut from traffic
cone focus, those hoarders
of world-deep keyholes
voyeurism in funnels fascinated
set on racewalkers

and it was good
you’re actually free
when wandering in and out
of an elevator
back to the future’s
justin bieber of the
republican party
gathering the blossoms
of your exit from
bj’s wholesale club
completely thrown out
of prison catering
machine’s cold-eye cuddle
room service waiter amputee’s
marvel deal celebration by
abduction by animaniacs
in the grip of wrestling’s
violently stupid notes
snaggletooth arterial
which totally wrong-colored
30 rock’s raison de’être

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