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By Mather Schneider

My wife is from Mexico
and can barely speak or read in English
but she loves it when I get a poetry journal
contributor’s copy
in the mail.

She first looks
at the cover, and is generally

Then she goes for the contributor’s
If there is a photo of me
she says something like
“Que guapo!”
and if there is no
photo she frowns
like a little girl.
Then she makes fun
of the more pretentious photos,
the ridiculously artsy, dramatic or
glamorous ones
and we laugh together at these.

Then she looks my name up in the contents
and finds the page
and reads it
to herself,
asking me about certain words,
checking others in the Spanish dictionary
and giving small laughs and

When she’s finished she kisses me
and says,
“Mi gringo guapo, te amo.”

Then she flips
through the rest of the journal looking for
short ones,
and these she reads
but with not as much care
or attention
that she spent on mine.

As she’s going through the journal she lingers on
any photos or
artwork, even if most of it
seems insane
or pretentiously amateur.

At the long poems,
especially any poem extending for
two or more pages
she just says, “Dios mio,”
and leaves these
for the experts.

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