Archive for September 26th, 2010

By Harry Calhoun

We’re talking Jupiter, bigass planet
but where the hell is it? Behind some cloud,
probably, even if not, I got no telescope.
OK, so we’re talkin’ the largest oyster

ever spotted in the depths of the sea.
Never saw that, either. We’re talkin’ about amoebas
and other creatures you can’t see
with the naked eye. Or we could be

talking about the obvious you never see.
You know, the huge red inkblok,
a colorful Rohrshach sleeping beside you
like the faithful dog that you ignore

because it’s kinda creepy and a different species.
We sometimes ignore that which we can’t see.
that is our doom, the oyster, the amoeba,
the bright red spot and the obvious that

we are not equipped to see.

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