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First date

By Tyler Bigney

So, she said
you’re some sort of writer?
I guess you could call me that.
What do you write?
I write about everything, really.
No, she said, I mean, like,
do you write poetry
or short stories or what?
Both, I said.
There’s no money
in poetry, she laughed.
Not at all, I smiled,
and changed the subject.
What about you
What do you do?
Oh, I work in insurance.
I mean, it sucks,
but it’s not completely awful
or anything.
It pays the bills.
Good money, I bet.
Good money, she nodded.

I waved the waitress over.
Can she have the bill, please, I said,
nodding to my date
across the table.

I looked up from my feet
once the waitress was
out of earshot.
I sort of just assumed,
I said, smiling, so wide
I laughed.

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