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By Misti Rainwater-Lites

That was the time. That three months in 2004 time.
March. April. June.
A spoonful of time in Albuquerque
when we were starving
and taking to trough
two shameless muddy glorious pigs.
Taco picnics and tequila slams
by neon Budweiser and Dos Equis signs glow.
That Easter time of Risen Indeed
me sitting in chair
of studio apartment
in flowered dress
legs spread
so to receive
the healing worship
of his industrious tongue.
Stars spilled absolution
and Mercury whizzed past
faster than usual.
We were surrounded by intoxicated aliens
and displaced angels.
“Your eyes change colors. They’re
green when you’re horny. Blue when
you’re not horny,” he said.
I was his kaleidoscopic next of kin.
We’ve been there and we keep going back.
Today’s tacos are too fucking stale.

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