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Bringing It

By M.P. Powers

Allow me to introduce myself (in the third person). R.P. Chezwik is
a Pushcart Nominee and celebrated SlamPoet
of the in-yer-face variety. He has been published worldwide
(courtesy of the web), in such places as “The Dryhumping
Chronicles of Larry King,” “NAMBLA Review,” and is currently
a featured poet
at the fledgling blogzine “Angry Ernie & His Four Flabworshiping
Yes-men Take Minneapolis.”

Now touring parts Cheboygan
with a licentious troop of Ukrainian squaredancers, Chezwik recently
spent four weeks riding the rails,
sitting higgledypiggledy with three barrel stiffs plus one
Coach Jawrower and a gravedigger named Slick Fulwood,
the six of them in glad rags
listening to a hallelujah peddler before hopping off in Winnemucca
to score a spot of armpit
detergent, and then the carsalesman who sidelined
as a stage prop (in another life) telling him, “You have to be qualified
to drive a Ferrari.”
“Qualified? I’m paying cash! What do you want a bag of money?”
“Step into my office.”

Dung Press will be publishing Chezwik’s first poetry collection
entitled “Pedro
Restoreth My Soul.” Threehundredfortyeight sonnets & haikus based
on particleboard bathroom partitions
and his recent arrest and imprisonment
for disguising himself
as a jockstrap in a YMCA hamper,
this superb work combines classically trained vision
with impassioned restraint. “I really liked the one about punching
the old lady in the gut,” said Salvatore St. Pierre-Louis,
an Italian-Haitian Mona Vie
salesman/maggot farmer living in Upper Saskatchewan.

“And what about the night we hogtied your old uncle Al in the living room
and pawned off all those stupid antique
coins of his?” asked Emile Annus, who plays a bit part
in the rhyming couplet
“Who Cares About That Guy?”

This unique collection is due for an October 2011
release. In the meantime, Chezwik will be appearing on/off
(as himself)
in bowling alleys, boiler rooms, unsuspecting food courts
& public parks

with the horniest group of squaredancers
you never saw.

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