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Three Poems by Chris Toll

1. Perfect Love

When stars steal the sky,
after the electronic campfires
are quiet,
a collection of antimatter logarithms
(BKA Jesus)
walks through every doorway,
stands over every bed,
and lays a singing hand on every brow,
“O giant in chains,
O darling,
let the eternal divine feminine energy
awaken within you.”

2. The Third Station of the Double-Crossed

I build my mansion
on a thunderbolt.
Attorneys are movie stars,
movie stars are junkies,
and rivers are blood.
Why is justice just ice?
The first shall be fast
and the last shall be lost.
Love has no rules.
A woman wearing a dog collar
and a wedding gown
is weeping in the rain.
My mission is so secret
I don’t know it myself.

3. Listening to the Sex Gods of Mars

Jackson Browne
was famous long ago
for playing an electric violin.
In Psalm 547,
Peter Pan
leads an army of Yodas,
a swift tumbles
from her paper prison,
and I button your cardigan.
The waitron unit
locks the bathroom door
and uses her driver’s license
to chop up a blizzard
on the edge of the sink.
I write poems now
so that noday noI will write rosebushes.

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