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Your Happy Soul

By Mather Schneider

Do you think that when a man is at the end
of his rope
when he is up against the
cold blackness of the universe
after he has fought for days and
nights since childhood
when it seems that not a single person in the world
is on his side or can
know his insides
do you think a poem
written because the author thinks two words sound
will help this man?
Do you think a poem written from some
writing prompt
will help any man feel
less alone
or that life might have some
Do you think a poem like this
will last
longer than the next
If a poem like this has helped you
maybe all you want from poetry
is to have your happiness
your institutional smuggeries
petted and cooed to,
in which case I will say
a little prayer
for your bored, happy
half-assed soul.

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