Archive for June 11th, 2010

by Cerebella

there is a vein-wire
i want to painlessly shrink into

the entrance is a birthmark on my left arm
i try to see if it’ll work sometimes
i taste mostly like iron and such calcium.
i stick my tongue onto it
and wait to get sucked into
my spiraling captivity

i can’t feel myself growing older
i can’t feel any growth in my limbs
i shake it off like a wind-mouth and screw up my
broken pocket watches sense of time

i set free wounds, trapped beneath my bandage trenches
i overexpose my back to the sun
the strangest format of another

timeless-tasting romance

breaks away like the crumbs
on my lap or
the popcorn in my chest
those movie theaters always shake
the yellow pigment out of
my vision
and maybe
that’s why i eat it so fast

maybe if i bought a new wallet
and collected new dollars
instead of saving the funny ones
with a hitler-moustache on washington
or swastikas on lincoln’s forehead

where’s george been?
what’s new with you?

let’s forget about the word catastrophe
let’s fight and agree that
black eyes are a fitting look
for us both

the purple suits the
sky of my inner body
the blue represents
the waves below
treating my organs like
wingless plankton families

pitchers of dismembered bikini strings
lost to the ocean
roaring motorboats going fishing for
dreary constellations

shaped like triangles
and eyelash batting
and the secrets of
night’s handshake with the sun:

liquid rats crawling up
my cities train tracks.

if i were to destroy one day,
i would take the cork out of
your heads pressure
to see what’s going on inside
to see if anything goes on inside

let the sky drop tears endlessly on top of my head
let there be cloud-cry

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