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By Mary Pacifico Curtis

Do not send poems
about the death of a pet
loved one, failed romance,
a rhymy rhyme

what you send
better be funny
not chicky ducky

under any circumstances
fuzzy rabbits
aren’t publishable

consider beer, wine, gift cards to Starbucks
we need sustenance

to publish what we will
limbs, crazed acts
silk–wrapped larceny

sex in flocked sheets
grotesque branches and broken lives
the permanence of stone

but please don’t send passionate dreams
or numberless rhymes, too many adjectives
one who has flung herself out of the grass,

one who is eating sugar out of your hand,
anyone living in a pretty how town and don’t ask
what do we plan to do with our wild

and precious lives

send no love, nature, longing, beauty, no,
no not those they’ve been done
and will cause us not to recycle.

Simultaneous ok attach as a .doc
or use the postal address below
Do send SASE or email info for

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