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By Discarded Kiwi

My name is Discarded Kiwi
and I am a Proboscis Monkey
living a working-class lifestyle
in Lansing, Michigan
United States of America

My nose is seven inches long
and turns red when I am enraged
or when I am sexually aroused
although there are no female Bekantan
outside of Borneo

I am just over three feet tall
and I work the assembly line
at the GM plant on Creyts Road.

I live with Shawn
who has taught me how to speak
and act and think like a human being

He also taught me how to write poetry,
and this makes his own tiny nose red, he says

He says I am in a “Vonnegut-Like” position
to examine the world of human beings from the outside
and promises to import a female Bekantan
if I write poetry concerning what I think about humans

I accept his offer
but have yet to know what it is he wants exactly

he says keep at it
my poetry is progressing well
and soon my nose will truly swell
in the scent of the female Bekantan

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