Archive for March 23rd, 2010

By Joe C Miller

The last time
seems like decades ago.
Some how
I am always surprised
to see it still alive,
under a tarp,
in my garage.

I climb aboard
with a death grip
on my sweaty soul
and it resists.
Riding high, riding fast,
on liquid imagination
makes it hard to be
someplace else.

I am afraid of
one more trip to no where.
This time
something’s different.
I have landed in the middle
of a party.
Lots of music,
friends and dancing.

Behind the bar
Jesus wears a sombrero,
and serves up
cool green margaritas.
Could it be
that I’m in heaven
or is this Margaritaville?

He tells me
come back anytime.
There is no need
to drive a DeLorean,
88 miles an hour,
with a flux capacitor
gone bad.

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